Mr. Dumisani Dlamini

Chief Financial Officer

Dumisani Dlamini was born in… in the… region of KwaZulu-Natal.  

He grew up in the… area of… He is currently the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the iLembe District Municipality.

He joined iLembe District Municipality in 20…

Mr. Dlamini holds the following qualifications: 

Mr. Dlamini matriculated from the… High School in… He joined… Local Municipality in… as the… 

He was appointed for a further period at… in 20…

In March 2022, he was appointed as the Acting CFO and in April 2022, he was appointed as the CFO.

Before joining iLembe Local Municipality, he worked for the… Local Municipality as CFO between 20… and 2023. 

He was appointed for a further period at the Auditor General of South Africa in 2015. Mr. Dlamini served as… at (organisation) for several years.

"...safeguarding assets and liabilities..."

The Finance Department is responsible for managing the Municipal accounting function and cash flow, making investments, raising external finance through bond issues (or servicing existing loans), conducting its banking transactions, and safeguarding its assets and liabilities.

We also facilitate the Municipal annual credit rating, manage the Finance portfolio and ensure compliance with relevant legislation guided by National and Provincial Treasury.

The Responsibility
of Chief Finance Officer

The responsibility of the CFO is to strategically direct and manage the provision of financial management support services to the Municipality including:

Department Contact

Thandeka Miya
Tel: 036 448 8052
Email: [email protected]